Commissioning Silencer

Commissioning Silencer

Burgess Aarding

During the installation of a new plant or an upgrade of a plant there is a big change that debris enters the system. This debris forms a big risk for the plant integrity and can cause safety issues. To assure the debris will not be there any more at start-up cleaning needs to be done. A typical way of cleaning is blowing high pressure steam through the piping.

With steam blowing a lot of noise is generated which causes another safety risk for the employees and the environment. For that reason, a Commissioning silencer is required. This silencer needs to be extremely robust to handle the debris (tools, weld slag, etc.), easy to maintain/clean and have good acoustical performance.

Our standard commissioning silencer model is designed to vent over half a million kg/hr. (1.1 million lbs./hr.) of steam and provides 35-40 decibels of noise reduction. Additional noise reduction in total noise is achievable by way of an acoustical splitter package installed at the outlet of the silencer. This design with spitter package can provide over 50 decibels of noise reduction.

The silencer is skidded for shipment and installation on a flat ground. For easier transportation worldwide, installation and meet high mass flow, optimize design can be provided with optimum size silencers connected in parallel.

With the horizontal inlet pipe that has a flat cover that can easily be removed the debris can be taken out easily.

Since this type of silencers is only used for a few weeks or months at a time there is also the possibility to rent these silencers.


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