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Wash Water Separator is capable of treating waste water generated from the cleaning of machinery and equipment, separating free oil and dirt from the water making it suitable for sewer discharge.* The process used include aeration, gravity separation, solids separation, oil coalescing, ozone disinfection and oxidation.

The CLARI-SEP® is designed for installation in either indoor or outdoor locations and is supplied with drain lines and valves to prevent freeze damage. An optional immersion heater is also available for installation in the separator tank. The pumps are designed and sized for optimum operating conditions to provide water suitable for sanitary discharge from a typical pressure-washer wash bay.

The CLARI-SEP® is capable of processing up to 15 gallons per minute of wash water through the separation, filtration and disinfection components. The CLARI-SEP® removes free oil and hydro-carbons (one micron and larger in size), dirt, sand and grit (down to 50 microns in size) and provides constant recirculation with ozonation for bacteria control.

* NOTE: “suitable for sewer discharge” is defined as the allowable discharge limits in your local area.

Features & Benefits

  • Unitized skid design is compact and simplifies installation
  • Unit is pre-wired, pre-piped to minimize installation time and costs
  • Corrosion resistant construction throughout reduces maintenance and extends system service life
  • Permanent coalescing matrix eliminates the need for and disposal associated with replaceable filters
  • Heavy-duty industrial components offer enhanced durability reducing maintenance costs
  • Open design allows for easy access for routine maintenance and periodic inspection
  • Lockable control panel is protected by weather resistant case and minimizes unauthorized access
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