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Both CECO Fybroc FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) pumps and CECO Mefiag filtration systems are designed especially for corrosion resistance in difficult and aggressive applications such as bleach (NaOCl) manufacturing. With an installation base of thousands of systems for this type of application, our pumps and filter systems are an ideal solution. 

Fybroc pumps are an excellent alternative to more costly titanium pumps with a fraction of the lead time. The all FRP design is maintenance-friendly and is approximately one-quarter of the weight of steel. This lightweight material makes our pumps much easier to move during initial installation and subsequent maintenance. Fybroc pumps are the only ones on the market that are constructed with VR-1 BPO-DMA, vinyl ester resin with BPO-DMA cure system. This is ideal for specific corrosion resistance to sodium hypochlorite.

Our Mefiag filter systems are able to aid in the production of high quality bleach by removing sub-micron solids and transition metals. With capacities up to 30,000 GPH and used in conjunction with our Fybroc pumps, CECO offers a cost-effective solution for Sodium Hypochlorite manufacturers looking to improve bleach quality.  

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Mefiag 9000-HF-SY PVDF

Fybroc Pumps for NaOCl

Each of our Fybroc pumps are engineered for broad corrosion-resistance through the use of high quality materials and state-of-the-art engineering.  The pump series listed below deliver maximum performance, efficiency and durability for NaOCl manufacturing processes. 


Mefiag Filter Systems for NaOCl

Our Mefiag steel rubber-lined High Capacity Filter Systems feature horizontal disc technology and capacities of 4,500 to 15,000 gph for Single Chamber and capacities from 18,000 to 30,000 gph for Dual Chamber. The filter system series listed below deliver maximum performance, efficiency and durability for NaOCl manufacturing processes.