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KB Duct Y-branches are standard 45⁰ (90⁰ between legs) with 30⁰ (60⁰ between legs) as a standard option.

When ordering, specify the A-B-C dimensions.


Y-Branches are priced by the larger “A” dimension.  

Standard is 18 gauge with the pants legs welded to the trunk, which can be essential for mist applications.

Special fabrications, heavier gauges and fully welded options are available. Please call for pricing.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High reliability with custom manufactured designs to fit your application needs



  • Material integrity – Premium quality materials for even the most abrasive applications


KB Duct Y-Branches

KB Duct designs quality ducting systems available for any need, providing unmatched flexibility and integrity. Our custom capacity of special products means that if you draw it, we will make it! KB Duct’s free 3D design services turn your raw ideas into fully developed, viewable duct solutions that we construct and deliver right to you. Our delivery is the fastest in the industry so when you need the right product, right away, depend on KB Duct. 

KB Duct puts the same amount of passion and care into crafting the right equipment for you as you put into your company and its reputation.  We provide the largest selection of components and application-specific solutions for dust and air management. No matter where you are, we can build it, deliver it, and install it. Our dedication doesn’t end at production. Our post-installation support ensures that if any issues arise, KB Duct will resolve them and put your mind at ease. We are equally committed to our products and to the people who use them. Trust KB Duct.