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Adwest FBC Fluid Bed Carbon VOC Concentrator – Building Materials VOC Control having 40:1 concentration ratio

Adwest Zeolite Concentrator  – Paint Finishing

Adwest Zeolite Concentrator with 15:1 Concentration Ratio

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VOC Concentrators

Our Adwest brand Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Concentrators are designed for low inlet VOC paint finishing, semiconductor, spray coating, aerospace, composites, fiberglass, pharmaceutical, flexible packaging and coating applications, for maximum performance efficiency, and reliability.

VOC concentrators are used in applications that involve a combination of high volume of air with low inlet concentration solvents. Our concentrators are designed to reduce the solvent-heavy air flow to minimize the overall size of the system and thermal oxidizer, and significantly reduce operating costs.

In addition, our systems can be combined with any CECO brand oxidizer technology to create an advanced hybrid system that offers outstanding operating flexibility, performance, and cost-effectiveness.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easy maintenance and simplified operation with PLC controls
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Compact size/footprint for maximum plant area usage and easy on-site installation


  • Destruction efficiencies typically in 95% to 98% removal range
  • Concentration ratios as high as 100:1 and greater with Adwest’s FBC Concentration Systems with Bead Activated Carbon (BAC)
  • Utilize Bead Activated Carbon or a unique zeolite for highly-effective absorption and efficient desorption
  • Fluid Bed Carbon FBC media provides long life and can be regenerated/reused
  • Low concentrator systems operating and maintenance costs
  • Compact size, light weight for easy on-site installation
  • Factory fabrication and integrated PLC Controls testing
  • Automated controls speed and simplify operation
  • BAC Carbon and Zeolite absorbent media life
  • Adwest Brand FBC Carbon and Zeolite Wheel Concentrators can be added to existing oxidizers for expanded flows

Adwest Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Concentrators

A global leader in thermal oxidizers and catalytic oxidation solutions, CECO Environmental’s Adwest brand produces and distributes some of the most powerful and efficient thermal oxidizers in the industry. The thermal oxidizers we build function at extremely high temperatures and are specifically designed to safely and effectively decompose hazardous exhaust gasses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The resulting component particles are then released harmlessly into the environment. Energy production on an industrial scale can generate a large quantities of emissions and hazardous byproducts, so Adwest makes the powerful machinery needed to help you deal with those emissions. Let Adwest design the ideal equipment to help your company deal with toxic fumes and gasses from chemical, hydrocarbon, and acid gas process streams.

Join the Adwest family today. You’ll be glad you did.