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Versatile / Modular Duct

Some applications are perfect for duct that fits together quickly, without the need for custom sheet metal fabrication. For these applications, we offer clamp-together duct and flanged duct (duct with angle rings).

Flanged duct with a gasket is more appropriate for heavy concentrations of liquid and for conveyance of dust under positive pressures.

CECO’s KB Duct brand products and solutions below fit within the classification of Versatile / Modular Duct:


KB Duct

Our KB Duct brand has historic origins. Our Kirk & Blum brand, which has been crafting quality products for more than a century, spawned KB Duct to create high quality ducting systems of all kinds. KB Duct has produced clamp-together and flanged duct solutions for countless industrial dust, fume, mist, and air handling systems in businesses across the country. KB Duct offers a multitude of ducting options for every situation imaginable.

KB Duct offers unmatched flexibility and attention to detail. We offer custom development of special products: If you can draw it, we can make it! From conception to execution, we put unmatched care and advanced techniques to use in crafting the finest quality products. Our free 3D design service will turn your rough concept into a fully developed, viewable duct solution that we can create and deliver right to your door. We proudly offer the fastest delivery in the industry. When you need the right product right away, turn to KB Duct.

Our ability to craft custom clamp-together and flanged duct options means that you will never have to flip through page after page of equipment options that don’t fit your needs. With KB Ducts, you can find the right piece of equipment for any job. You can trust our products because they are specially made just for you. Do not leave anything to chance. KB Duct puts as much care and passion into making you the right equipment as you put into your company.

KB Duct offers the largest selection of ducting components and application-specific duct solutions for dust and air handling on any scale. Large or small, thick or thin, our ducting options cannot be beaten. We can build it, deliver it, and install it for you, no matter where you are. Even after installation, we will be there. KB Duct offers full support and service at all levels. If anything doesn’t seem right about your new ducting solution, KB Duct will be there to handle any issues and put your mind at ease. Our dedication doesn’t end at production. We are committed to our products and especially the people that use them.