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Vanstone Flanged Duct

Our KB Duct brand offers duct with and without flanges (angle rings) in black iron, galvanized or stainless steel, and with or without holes. We can manufacture flanged duct from 3” all the way up to the size you could drive a truck through, and we can manufacture lighter gauges to full welded product in heavy gauge (even up to 1/4″), all depending upon the application.

The term Vanstone flanged duct refers to a technique where flanges are placed onto the pipe, with the lip turned back at 90 degrees and left loose for a secure metal-to-metal connection when the flanges are pulled together and the Vanstone lips are connected. This allows for easy alignment of the centerline of the components.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High reliability with custom manufactured flanged ducts to fit your application needs starting at 3″


  • Material integrity – Premium quality materials for even the most abrasive applications
  • Flanged duct is available in lengths up to 20′ depending on diameter
    • 16-gauge and heavier, seam welded
    • 25″ diameter and above are seam welded
    • Lock seamed available in 5′ lengths only
  • Standard flanges are galvanized. Available also in stainless stell or black iron
  • Available in heavier gauges and larger sizes


KB Duct Vanstone Flanged Duct

KB Duct produces quality ducting solutions and offers options for every situation, providing unmatched flexibility and precise attention to detail. We provide customized development of special products: You show us what you need, and we can make it! Our 3D design service will transform your rough drawing into a fully developed duct solution that we will build and deliver to your door. We are proud to offer the fastest turnaround in the industry. When you need the right ducting solution, right away, turn to KB Duct. 

KB Duct puts the same level of care and passion into making the right equipment for you that you put into your business.  We have the largest inventory of ducting parts and application-specific solutions for dust and air handling regardless of scale. It doesn’t matter where you are; we can build, deliver, and install a solution that’s right for you. Our involvement doesn’t end at production. Even after installation, if any concerns arise, KB Duct will be there to handle them and put your mind at ease. We are equally devoted to our products and to the people that use them. Trust KB Duct.