Int. Class 011 – Peerless Mfg. Co.® produces filtration and separation equipment, namely, gas and liquid separation systems, odorization systems, and pulsation dampening systems comprised of line separators, vertical gas separators, horizontal gas separators, mist extractors, dry scrubbers, filter-separators, absolute separators, pulsation dampeners, combination dampener separators, and O-ring closures.

Additionally, Peerless Mfg. Co.® creates selective catalytic and non-catalytic reduction systems and environmental and emission control systems, comprised of ammonia flow control units, ammonia injection manifolds, ammonia injection grids, transition ducting, external and interconnection piping, catalysts, ammonia flow control units and storage tanks; separators; filtration and separation equipment, namely, extractors, dry scrubbers, pulsation dampeners, combined dampeners and separators, blowdown silencers, and O-ring closures; inlet air filters and separators for gas turbine and HVAC installations; by-pass, wick and injection type odorizer installations and parts and fittings therefor; cyclones, vanes, separators, filters and combined separators and filters, all for the removal of solids and liquids from gas streams in applications such as gas transmission, oil refining, chemical processing, compressing stations, power plants, nuclear plans, and marine intake; industrial air and water filter machines, namely, environmental pollution control equipment used in the abatement of NOX discharge from power plants and other industrial combustion equipment. 

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