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Standard Clamp Together Duct

Clamp together ducting is applicable to virtually every dust collection system from wood to paper to chemical. And it is also used in fume and oil mist collection, and abrasive applications. Our KB Duct brand Standard Clamp Together/Quick Clamp Duct branches are fabricated from 18-gauge material, and can be fabricated in up to 10-gauge. Also, elbows, straight duct and fittings can be fabricated up to 10-gauge (depending on diameter) for use in such applications as sand, coal or other abrasive applications. 

A wide variety of gasket materials, coupled with stainless steel material, makes it possible for our KB Duct brand Standard Clamp Together ducting to address even the harshest applications. The standard n-butyl rubber gasket works well for 95% of all applications, but the gasket is also available in FDA silicone, which is appropriate for some food AND hi-temp applications. Viton and Gore-Tex gasket materials address the balance of applications where standard rubbers will be ‘eaten’ away. 

Clamp-together ducting should not be used on heavy concentrations of liquid or for conveyance of dust under positive pressures. Such applications should use KB Duct flanged duct with a gasket.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Ease, speed, and adjustability allows for quick modifications
  • Material integrity – Premium quality materials for even the most abrasive applications
  • Easy installation


  • Infinite adjustability – our clamps are designed for quick, secure and repetitive use
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KB Duct Standard Clamp Together Duct

KB Duct designs quality ducting systems configurable for every situation, providing unmatched flexibility and precision. We custom build your special products: If you describe it, we can create it! Our free 3D design service will turn your rough concept into a fully developed, illustrated duct solution that we will build and deliver to your business. We offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Let KB Duct deliver to you the right product, right away. 

At KB Duct, we put the same amount of passion and care into making the right equipment as you put into your company.  We offer the industry’s largest selection of application-specific duct solutions and ducting components for dust and air handling. We will build, deliver, and install your solution no matter where you are located. Our commitment and loyalty doesn’t end at production. Even after we have installed your equipment, KB Duct will be there to handle any problems and take the burden off of you. We are committed to our products and to the people who use them. Trust KB Duct.