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Stack Isolation | Stack Isolation Dampers | Isolation


Stack Isolation Dampers

Stack Isolation Dampers are designed to provide accurate air flow and isolation at high temperature levels, and reduce the stack effect of a system when offline, protecting ductwork from the elements. Our Effox-Flextor brand Stack Isolation Dampers are engineered for optimal performance and efficiency, and heavy duty operations.


Flows to the stack can be voluminous and present large mechanical challenges. Our heavy-duty design ensures that blades do not flutter, shafts are steady, and they also include a unique pressure relief system that allows for opening of the non-driven blades when pressure build-up occurs. Applying decades of experience, we are able to deliver custom-designed solutions configured for your specific application requirements, providing efficient operations for a long service life.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easy shipment and installation with fully assembled units
  • Custom designs with a variety of blade choices to meet flow control requirements
  • Premium quality materials for reliable performance and maximum life span



  • Blade options for large diameter round dampers include two-blade, four-blade, or multi-blade
  • Blade options for large rectangular stack inlet dampers are configured to meet requirements for flow control
  • Optional features include safety cages that meet OSHA requirements, FlexShock shock absorbers, and view ports
  • Insulated blades are available for heat retention applications


Stack Isolation | Stack Isolation Dampers | Isolation