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The KB Duct brand SparKBuster is a static mixing device that operates by cooling glowing embers within the exhaust ducting system. It cools the sparks by changing the characteristics of the gas flow through the duct from laminar to turbulent flow.

This change in type of flow causes a relative velocity difference between the sparks and the gas flowing past the sparks. It is effective when the air temperature in the process is lower than the spark temperature. The sparks will be cooled to within 200 degrees F of the gas temperature in the duct.

The SparKBuster is suitable for spark arrestor duty and under the conditions described herein, will eliminate any sparks and embers from the air stream.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Extinguishes and cools sparks and embers
  • Low-to-no maintenance with an auto self-cleaning option
  • Easy installation in new or existing systems, as well as flanged or clamp-together systems



  • No moving parts
  • Slim, in-line design
  • Compatible with flanged or clamp-together systems
  • Available from 4 inches and up
  • Special fabrication available