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Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for NOx Emissions

As flue gases are combusted in gas turbines and process furnaces, nitrogen oxide (NOx) is formed. Our Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system is a post-combustion NOx control technology, which injects an ammonia (NH3) based reagent into the flue stream to reduce NOx emissions by up to 95%.

Our SCR designs are engineered to optimize efficiency, performance and reliability, while meeting stringent energy standards. They are adaptable for a wide range of temperatures, exhaust flow conditions, and various types of fuel including:

  • Natural Gas
  • Refinery Gas
  • Coal
  • Biomass
  • Fuel Oils


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High efficiency with up to 95% NOx emission reduction
  • Minimal life cycle costs with optimal performance systems
  • Reduced assembly time with pre-assembled modular construction
  • Enhanced design for smaller system footprint


  • Adaptable for wide range of temperatures – 350°F to over 1000°F
  • Custom designs
  • Turnkey construction


Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems from Peerless

Peerless designs and builds dynamic, customized emissions management solutions like our Selective Catalytic Reduction systems for natural gas power and petrochemical processing plants worldwide. Through our wealth of resources, expertise, and knowledge in the industry, Peerless delivers cutting-edge technology with unparalleled engineering experience to build best-in-class machinery. With operating history dating back to 1933, Peerless brings a history of engineering know-how to each client. We have a proven record of offering only the finest equipment, maintenance and service.

Our Selective Catalytic Reduction systems and other air pollution management technologies are designed to make your company safer and more efficient, accurately measure your emissions, and reduce your impact on the environment. Our equipment meets the most stringent emission requirements, no matter the scale or power required. Let us help you solve your emission issues with our industry leading standard line of emissions equipment, or design custom devices to suit the unique requirements of your facility. The professionals who install Peerless equipment take pride in providing our customers with solutions that are powerful, durable, and efficient. Choose Peerless for superior emission control.