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Rolling Mill Fume Shield™ Hooding and Enclosure Systems

Capture, Contain, Convey and Clean.

ceco busch and CECO Metals

rolling Mill fume Shield™ Hooding and Enclosure Systems

CECO Busch specializes in the design and supply of Rolling Mill Hooding and Enclosure systems. The CECO Busch Fume Shield System is based on the 4-Cs design approach: Capture, Contain, Convey and Clean. 

Designed specifically for each unique Rolling Mill application, CECO Busch Fume Shield™ Hoods work to provide a high-efficiency Capture system. Computer model-based selection of optimum exhaust volumes provide the best possible capture. CECO Busch Rolling Mill Fume Shield hoods include the following features:

  • Drip-Resistant construction to maximize sheet cleanliness
  • Internal Fire System piping
  • Roll up under hood windows or doors to maximize capture efficiency
  • Hoods can be designed to retract or roll out of position if required

To effectively Contain emissions at the mill, the Fume Shield™ heavy duty enclosures are tailored to the specific operation without sacrificing operator visibility or maintenance efficiency. CECO Busch excels in difficult retrofit applications.

For more information about how CECO Busch will help your business grow with clean, safe and more efficient solutions that help protect our shared environment, email Bill Frank: bfrank@onececo.com or call 724.940.2326.