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Rich Reagent Injection (RRI)

Our CCA Combustion Systems brand is a licensed implementer of the Rich Reagent Injection (RRI) technology, jointly developed by Reaction Engineering International (REI) in collaboration with EPRI and DOE.

The Rich Reagent Injection is a technology designed to reduce NOx emissions. The RRI process utilizes a reagent (urea) that is injected into the fuel-rich regions of the furnace to chemically reduce NOx formed by the combustion process.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High-efficiency NOx removal
  • Compatible with other CCA Combustion Systems brand NOx reduction technologies
    • Low NOx burners
    • Overfire Air
    • Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR)


  • Produces no ammonia slip
  • Compatible with other CCA Combustion Systems brand NOx reduction technologies


Rich Reagent Injection Technology from CCA

CCA has been a global leader in combustion systems since opening in 1980. No other manufacturer maintains such lofty standards at every stage of the process. From engineering to installation, CCA provides only the best quality products for its clients. CCA proudly manufactures high-efficiency combustion systems that boast unparalleled performance and impressively low emissions. For a top-of-the-line combustion system that will keep your operating costs down and profits up, look to CCA. We specialize in crafting unique, powerful combustion solutions for a variety of environments through their proprietary technology, which is the industry standard. CCA’s experienced engineers bring decades of expertise to the table with their Rich Reagent Injection technology as a prime example.

CCA is a one-stop solution from creation to installation and maintenance for powerful combustion solutions, whatever you may need. We build cutting-edge products that keep your business running in the black and your emissions flowing clear by providing the most efficient, dependable combustion equipment in the world. Our equipment is powerful and versatile enough to address your industrial and emission specifications. CCA’s exclusive technology reduces nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, unburned carbon, and carbon monoxide emissions to safe, appropriate levels for facilities worldwide. When it is time to look for the best combustion equipment in the industry, CCA provides the strongest line of equipment options to meet all your facility or application requirements.