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RETOX Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) System: Tower-Type

Since 1988, Adwest has installed over 1400 flameless regenerative thermal oxidation devices around the world. It has provided thermal oxidation solutions with low cost and high benefit for clients (EPC turnkey project), which effectively reduces the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gaseous toxic smog, acid gases and odorous gases.

Operating principle of tower-type RTO

The RTO operates as follows:

The VOC laden air is directed by the poppet valve mechanism to flow through one or more beds into the combustion chamber. These beds have been previously heated and because of the intimate contact between the air and ceramic material, very high rates of heat transfer are produced. This results in the air being preheated very close to the required oxidation temperature by the time it reaches the combustion chamber.

The air then enters the combustion chamber where a small amount of heat is added by a fuel-fired burner to combustion temperatures. The thermal oxidation process then takes place and the pollutants are destroyed.

The clean air then exits the combustion chamber through another bed or beds that have been previously cooled. As the air passes through these beds it is cooled by the same heat transfer process. After passing through the cooled beds the air exits the RTO system at a temperature only slightly higher than the inlet temperature.

After several minutes the first set of beds (inlet) becomes depleted of heat while the second set of beds (outlet) becomes saturated with heat. At this point the flow of air through the beds is reversed with the formerly inlet beds acting as the outlet beds and the formerly outlet beds acting as the inlet beds. In this way each bed periodically extracts heat from the clean gas stream exiting the combustion chamber then releases this heat into the polluted gas entering the combustion chamber. This method is thermal regeneration. The combination of thermal oxidation and regenerative heat recovery allows the RTO system to efficiently destroy VOC laden air with minimal operating costs.


Typical applications include

  • Petrochemistry
  • Spraying
  • Rubber/Cementing compound
  • Packaging/Printing
  • Natural gas processing
  • Pharmacy
  • Biodiesel/Food
  • Solar energy



  1. RETOX RTO flameless NGI natural gas pre-injection (since 1988) with fuel saving >30%
  2. RETOX 2 Room RTOs containing thermal bypass structure (since 1994)
  3. Adwest RTO poppet valve design: 99%VOC destruction efficiency, zero leakage; Zero leakage Poppet Discs; 5 year Adwest Flow Control Warranty-Pneumatics & Poppet Valve;
  4. Heat recovery materials put in order and in bulk pile can be both selected and used and heat recovery effectiveness can reach 97% (thermal storage materials in bulk pile)
    - Exhaust gas with heat recovery effectiveness of 95% has a self-balancing concentration 3.5% LEL;
    - Exhaust gas with heat recovery effectiveness of 97% has a self-balancing concentration 2.6% LEL;
  5. Operating flexibility can reach 4:1 (if no external gas is added)
  6. The treated flowrate for each set of RETOX RTOs ranges from 1000scfm to 70,000scfm in which 1000scfm to 10,000scfm can be skid-mounted for transportation;
  7. Tower II, Tower II+ PuffBox, Tower III, Tower V and so on can be chosen according to different wind capacity and different working conditions


RETOX Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) System by Adwest

As a global brand, Adwest uses highly advanced technology and the finest materials to create and distribute products for companies around the world. An unparalleled dedication to quality and dependability is why companies choose Adwest. Our proprietary flameless Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) have been installed worldwide since 1998. Featuring state-of-the-art ceramic material to absorb heat from hazardous exhaust gas, Adwest RTOs can purify all types of exhaust particulates for a variety of industries. We are successful because of our versatility and commitment to innovation. Adwest provides technology for some of the largest companies in the world. They depend on Adwest technology to manage their emissions. So what is stopping you? Go with a brand that makes only the best, for the best.

Join the Adwest family today. You'll be glad you did.

RETOX 蓄热式氧化炉(RTO)系统—塔式







  • 石化
  • 喷涂
  • 橡胶/胶粘剂
  • 包装/印刷
  • 天然气处理
  • 制药
  • 生物柴油/食品
  • 太阳能


  1. RETOX RTO无火焰NGI天然气预注入(始于1988年),燃料节省>30%;
  2. RETOX 2 室RTOs 含热旁通结构(始于1994年)
  3. Adwest RTO 提升阀设计—99%VOC 破坏效率,零泄露;
  4. Zero leakage Poppet Discs/零泄露提升阀阀板; 5 year Adwest Flow Control Warranty-Pneumatics & poppet Valve/提升阀及执行器5年质保;
  5. 可选用规整及散堆蓄热材,蓄热效率可达到97%(散堆蓄热材);
  6. 操作弹性可达到4:1(在未补充外气条件下)
  7. RETOX RTOs单套处理风量可从1000scfm至70,000scfm, 其中1000scfm至10,000scfm,可进行整体撬装运输;
  8. 根据风量工况不同,可选择二塔,二塔+PuffBox, 三塔,五塔等

27,000 scfm 316L Adwest RETOX RTO-Adhesive Manufacturing Reactors


Adwest RETOX RTO with Zeolite Rotary Concentrator in PPG


2 RETOX RTO for SPIL Taiwan Semiconductor Wafer Fab VOCs


CECO Abatement Adwest MultiChamber 3 & 5 Tower RTOs: Ethanol VOCs 200,000 cfm – Stainless Steel

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