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Rappercon™ 900 Controller

Our AVC Specialist brand Rappercon™ 900 Controller is designed to clear fly ash and other particules from the high voltage frames and electrodes of an Electro-Static Precipitator, knock the ash from collecting plates, clear the material inside the hoppers, or move any material in conveyors where plugging is a concern.

The Rappercon™ 900 Controller card rack can handle up to 32 discrete inputs for external control (DCS) and up to 128 outputs to drive rapping devices. These can be our Model SR-A1, GR-P1 and even other vibrator/rappers from our competitors.

This intelligent controller communicates via Modbus RTU or discrete signal to your DCS system or other control system. As conditions change, moisture in the fuel, varying makeup of coal, or any other environmental change, the Rappercon 900 can be adjusted remotely to run an appropriate rapping program.

To protect plugging of the catalyst honeycomb in DeNox systems by large pieces of fly ash, screens are installed ahead of the catalyst honeycomb to remove it from the gas stream. These screens will build up fly ash and become less effective. The solution is our screen rapping system. Under remote control by the DCS system the operating programs will vary to change impact forces and frequencies to keep the screens clear and manage the forces so that there is no breakage.

In the case of hopper rapping there are dedicated inputs in the rapper controller system that allow the DCS or external controller to run specific rappers on only hoppers that have the outlet valve open and running.

The operator interface is designed for simplicity and still provide all the tools for calibrating rapper force, changing programs, adjusting rapping parameters and monitor for faults. It even includes an oscilliscope function for troubleshooting as well as calibrating the rappers.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Maximum operational efficiency



  • Operate 1 to 256 rappers from a single controller
  • Simple to use 7” color touch screen
  • Up to six resident programs
  • Remote program selection
  • Remote Demand Mode
  • Programmable Impact and Force
  • Programmable Start Times
  • Power Off Rapping with Powercon voltage controllers
  • Fault monitoring and reporting
  • Modbus network communications
  • Made in the USA


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