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Radial Vane Dampers

Radial Vane Dampers are designed with multiple blades around a center hub. This introduces swirl into the fan inlet, providing an efficient method of control and enhancing performance. Effox-Flextor brand Radial Vane Dampers utilize this design to change the fan curve as the damper moves, thereby eliminating low-volume stalling of the fan for increased fan performance.

Our Radial Vane Dampers are configured to deliver optimal performance, efficiency and durability, while maintaining low operating costs. With heavy-duty and self-supporting blades, requirements for any bearings or supports in the gas stream are eliminated, also enhancing fan performance.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Smooth and reliable operation with multi-turn actuators
  • Premium quality construction materials for long life value


  • Cantilevered blade design with dual outboard bearings


Radial Vane Dampers from Effox-Flextor

Effox-Flextor has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, versatile fuel combustion and exhaust equipment for over fifty years. If your equipment needs to stand up to the extreme temperatures and harsh forces involved in solid fuel combustion, it’s imperative that you have equipment that is safe, durable, and reliable. Facilities around the world count on Effox-Flextor Radial Vane Dampers and expansion joints to help control greenhouse gases and a variety of other pollutants that can damage our air and health. We take pride in being a contributor to environmental wellness.

Our dedication to caring for the environment parallels our dedication to quality. As you work to control emissions, you can trust that we will work side-by-side with you. From beginning to end, our products are unsurpassed in quality and strength and will always comply with the strictest regulations. When you need a custom, specifically designed emission solution, we’ll be there for you. Engineers on our staff are some of the finest in the world and can devise the ideal solution for your company. When you choose Effox-Flextor, you are choosing a product for life.