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Precipitator Supervisory System (PSS™)

An electro-static precipitator (ESP) is an industrial emission-control device that is designed to remove particles from an exhaust gas stream by asserting a charge on the particles and having them attach themselves to ground plates on either side of the ionizing source.

Two key elements of the operation of an ESP is the high voltage controller, called an Automatic Voltage Controller. It places the charge on the electrodes to ionize the surrounding air that causes the particles to be charged and get collected on the plates. Then the rapping system knocks the collected particles off the collecting plates.

AVC Specialists manufactures both the Automated Voltage Controller, which gives us our name, and the rappers and rapper controller that cleans the collected fly ash off the interior parts of the ESP.

How can I monitor all this?

Introducing the Precipitator Supervisory System, the PSStm. The PSS is a network host monitor that allows an operator to view the operation of the active components in the ESP. The graphic display of the PSS shows the T/R Sets (Transformer-Rectifier Units) and rappers icon represents a T/R Set or Rapper. Its color lets the operator know current condition.

At a glance the operator can tell the status of each T/R Set by the color of the square. Bright red signifies that the T/R Set (and associated electrodes) are running at programmed levels and efficiency. Dark red represents T/R Sets that are running at their upper limit. The blue T/R Set is not running at all and the green one is in a STOP condition.

The small round items are rappers. When they are not rapping they are green. When they rap they are red. In this example note that the rapper #18 is rapping at the moment. Generally only one or two rappers are rapping at the same time.

Other information seen on the screen includes the active rapping program (POR_Test) and the active Group Touching any of the square icons representing T/R Sets will bring up the screen shown below. This shows all the current status information, from volts and amps to sparks per minute to operating status.

Every six minutes the PSS will log status data for the precipitator. This can include voltage, current, power, secondary current and anything else being monitored by the system.

This data is put into a file that can be read into a spreadsheet to generate reports for management or regulatory organizations, showing the performance of every key element of the precipitator over time.

The PSS is a great tool for managing the precipitator operation and networking to DCS for storing status data and tracking performance!



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easy screen navigation for immediate access to controller status, history, and operating parameters



  • Color-keyed status displays
  • Easy screen navigation
  • Secure password protected editing of process parameters
  • Modbus networking for immediate updates to all functions of the process