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Powercon 900 Automatic Voltage Controller | Automatic Voltage Controller

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Powercon™ 900 Automatic Voltage Controller

Our AVC Specialists brand Powercon™ 900 Automatic Voltage Controller is the latest in our precipitator Automatic Voltage Controller systems, and the choice of many of the largest power generators in the USA.

The Powercon 900 Automatic Voltage Controller is designed to be a simple upgrade for our older models, as well as a replacement for most older competitors models.

With our color touch screen display, and easy-to-use operator HMI, all functions can be controlled, edited, and troubleshot, without ever having to open the door, which can be a time consuming problem at most facilities.

The Powercon 900 Automatic Voltage Controller operator interface offers easy access to status, parameter settings, fault history, and tuning screen, including a built-in oscilliscope.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Maximum operational performance
  • Easy Installation and Operation



  • Multiple status views: RMS Primary Volts, RMS Primary Amps, Primary kW, Sec kV, and Sec mA
  • Safe Calibration – From front panel
  • Color touch screen display accesses all status and functions
  • Ability to plot and trend T/R set output, primary voltage, primary current, arc rates, conduction angle, and other critical parameters
  • Built in oscilloscope function for tuning and analysis
  • Remote control and monitoring via Modbus RTU network
  • Diagnostic self-test
  • Multiple input assessment
  • Back corona control
  • High noise immunity
  • Intermittent energization
  • Compatible with Rappercon 900 to enable modes like Power Off Rapping
  • Made in the USA


Automatic Voltage Controllers from AVC

In operation since 1977, CECO AVC has led the industry in developing, distributing, and maintaining crucial parts for Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs). Used in facilities worldwide, an ESP is a filtration device designed to remove and eliminate fine unwanted particles, like dust and smoke, from the flow of gas. The ESP uses an induced electrical charge to attract foreign particles from a gas flow to insure it remains pure. While an ESP removes any hazardous materials, it keeps gasses flowing normally. The AVC brand manufactures Automated Voltage Controllers, which give us our name, and charge the electrodes that cause the particles to be removed.

From the inside out, AVC engineers are masters of Automatic Voltage Controllers. Because we manufacture and maintain the most critical parts for ESPs, our knowledge is unrivaled. Our customers include some of the largest companies in biomass power, petroleum refining, chemical product manufacturing, and cement production industries. If it deals with Automatic Voltage Controllers, we are the one to call.

AVC offers expert clean/dirty inspections, repairs, and upgrades to confirm and safeguard that your equipment remains on the cutting-edge. The resources and know-how at AVC are unmatched in the industry. That is the reason we are trusted around the world in some of the most strenuous and hazardous conditions.

At AVC, we make the best products for the best people.