CECO Peerless Replacement Separator Filter Elements, Parts & Services


Maintain your original equipment warranty by using genuine CECO Peerless separator filter elements for your facilities. Our aftermarket separator filter elements are made to the same specifications as designed for the original Peerless and Burgess Manning vessels, assuring proper fit, filtration efficiency, and pressure drop performance. Don’t compromise your facility by using 3rd party replica separator filter elements that may use inferior filter media and gaskets.


CECO Peerless ULTRA filter separators using separator filter elements are configured horizontally to allow for easy access to replace separator filter elements at ground level. More filter area and multi-stage P6X vane separators are arranged in a compact, cost-efficient package offering a 10–20% capital investment savings for most vessel sizes. Most importantly, we deliver performance guaranteed solutions to fit your requirements, ensuring 99.5% or higher removal efficiency of separator filter elements with optimal operational performance.

CECO Peerless ULTRA filter separators with our separator filter elements provide economical, effective, and highly efficient removal of large and small solid and liquid particles from gas streams to help protect valuable mechanical equipment. Upon entry of the gas, the T-baffle deflects incoming flow, eliminating the need for standpipes and distributes the solid and moisture-laden gas into the filter chamber. This flow is then passed through the separator filter elements where solids and bulk liquids are removed and smaller droplets are coalesced. Coalesced liquids are finally directed to the high-efficiency P6X vanes, which drain away any remaining aerosol liquids.


CECO Peerless is a leader in the design and installation of efficient, high-quality separation and separator filter elements for industries worldwide. Peerless proudly delivers top-notch equipment to gas pipeline transportation, power generating, and oil and gas production industries. Our engineers have crafted and refined our filtration equipment and separator filter elements for nearly 85 years.

Peerless advanced technologies, including our separator filter elements, are worry-free and provide the high-quality craftsmanship our customers rely upon. Our Filter-Separators are available in vertical or horizontal configurations, combining filter and liquid removal in a single, incomparable unit through the separator filter elements. Peerless products include cost efficient solutions for produced water and oil- water treatment, separation technologies, gas transmission, oil treatment, unconventional oil recovery, gas treatment, and sand management.

Don’t be left with contaminated product, higher operating costs, and additional downtime. Inferior filtration systems and separator filter elements can fail, leaving you scrambling for a solution. Trusting your separator filter element needs to Peerless eliminates the hassle. Put your money on the brand known for its high-quality equipment for decades. Trust Peerless separator filter elements. We live up to our name.