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Overfire Air (OFA)

Overfire Air (OFA) systems divert a portion of the combustion air away from the primary combustion zone. Our CCA Combustion Systems brand Overfire Air system, deeply stages combustion for enhanced nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction. By utilizing a unique port design to ensure advantageous air and fuel mixing, our OFA system can minimize NOx, achieving 30-40% reductions beyond low NOx burners.

We apply years of experience and knowledge with our patented innovative technologies to reduce NOx emissions on wall, cyclone, tangential, and stoker-fired boilers burning oil, gas, coal and biofuels, providing low cost solutions to fit your specific needs.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High-efficiency NOx removal
  • Long life system


  • Unique ports designed to inject air at the proper velocity
  • Tilting ports both in horizontal and vertical positions available


Overfire Air Systems from CCA

CECO CCA has been a global leader in combustion systems since 1980. With the highest standards at all stages of the manufacturing process from engineering to installation, CCA creates only the finest quality products for its customers. CCA takes pride in building high-efficiency combustion systems that boast unrivaled performance and impressively low emissions like Overfire Air Systems to keep the air to fuel mixture and your facility running smoothly. For top-of-the-line combustion systems that will keep costs down and profits up, look no further than CCA. The engineers at CCA specialize in crafting specialized, powerful combustion solutions for any situation. Our proprietary technology is the industry standard and we bring decades of engineering and manufacturing experience to the table.

Because we are a one-stop shop for powerful combustion solutions, CCA has you covered from creation to installation and maintenance, no matter what your needs may be. We build state-of-the-art products that keep your business in the black and your emissions in the clear. And we do it by creating the most productive, dependable combustion equipment in the world. Regardless of the demands required, our equipment is versatile and powerful enough to handle it. CCA’s exclusive technology reduces nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, unburned carbon, and carbon monoxide emissions to safe, appropriate levels for facilities worldwide. When it is time to look for the best combustion equipment in the industry, CCA provides the strongest line of equipment options to meet all your facility or application requirements.