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Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are used to provide a point of flexibility in flue ducts, and to relieve stress caused by system movement. Our Effox-Flextor brand Non-metallic Expansion Joints are designed to optimize efficiency, performance, and reliability, incorporating a comprehensive engineering and manufacturing approach to meet the ever-increasing expansion joint requirements of:

  • Solid fuel power plants
  • Refineries
  • Cement plants
  • Steel mills
  • Pulp & paper plants
  • Gas turbine applications

We offer custom-engineered designs for each application and have supplied expansion joints to boilers, incinerators, fans, environmental control equipment such as SCRs, FGD and fabric filters.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Lower material costs
  • Minimal shipping and installation costs
  • Minimal field assembly requirements
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Vibration reduction


  • Highly reliable and flexible solutions for service from -40°F to 2100°F
  • Axial and lateral concurrent movements
  • No end loading on attachment flanges

Non-Metallic Expansion Joints from Effox-Flextor

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Effox-Flextor is a world-class innovator in the creation of versatile fuel combustion and exhaust equipment of the highest quality. You need equipment that is safe, durable, and reliable when dealing with the extreme temperatures and harsh forces involved in solid fuel combustion. Businesses around the world use Effox-Flextor Non-metallic Expansion Joints to control the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants that could damage air quality and our health. We are proud to contribute to atmospheric wellness.

Our dedication to protecting the environment combines with our dedication to building quality components for your company. If your business is working to curb emissions, you can count on us to share that commitment. From idea to installation, Effox-Flextor provides products that are unequaled in durability and quality and comply with the toughest regulations. When you want custom, accurately designed emission systems, we can help. Our staff includes some of the finest engineers in the world and they are ready to create the ideal solution for your facility. Choose Effox-Flextor, and choose a product for life.