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Model GR-P1™ Gravity Rapper

Whether designed into your plan or used as a replacement for defective gravity rappers, the AVC Specialists brand GR-P1 Gravity Rappers will do the job and meet your budget. 0-20 pounds of impact force readily knocks fly ash off high voltage frames and insulators as wekk as collecting plates.

When controlled by our Rappercon 900 controller, the GR-P1 rapper can be calibrated to a predictable strike force within .01 pounds of force. This offers tight control over cleaning of plates and electrodes with maximum effectiveness, from inlet to stack, helping you meet emissions requirements.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Maximum operational performance



  • 14-Gauge welded steel case
  • Industrial-Grade electrical junction box
  • Heavy-wall Fiberglass (not Phenolic) plunger tube
  • Copper coil wet-wound directly on tube for strength
  • 20-Lb. plunger with stainless steel tip
  • Mounting flanges available to fit any installed rapper base
  • Replacement or upgraded boot seal assemblies
  • Made in the USA


GR-P1™ Gravity Rapper from AVC

Since 1977, the CECO AVC brand has been a leader in the development, distribution, and maintenance of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) used in industries around the world. Our AVC brand manufactures top-of-the-line voltage controllers, rapping systems, and replacement components for ESPs and is a driving force in the field with devices like the GR-P1Gravity Rapper.

When unwanted particles are removed by the Automated Voltage Controllers, these particles can accumulate and reduce the effectiveness of the ESP. AVC rapping systems solve this problem by cleaning grounded plates and remove particulates efficiently so an ESP can perform at peak productivity. Our rappers ensure swift and responsible disposal of fine particles in a variety of environments. We keep the gasses clean and flowing. At every stage, AVC brand has it covered.

Industry leaders in biomass power, petroleum refining, chemical product manufacturing, and cement production industries come to us for parts and systems. If it deals with ESPs, we are the one to call.

AVC provides expert clean/dirty inspections, repairs, and upgrades to confirm and safeguard that your equipment remains state-of-the-art. Our resources and know-how are unparalleled in the industry. That is why we are trusted worldwide in some of the most strenuous and hazardous conditions.

At AVC, we make the best products for the best people.