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MKR Series-Pleated Polypropylene Filter Systems

Our CECO Mefiag brand solid Pleated Polypropylene Filter combines high volume filtration with high performance pleated element for greater dirt holding capacity.


CECO Mefiag MKF Series-Pleated Polypropylene Filter Systems

Since its inception in 1953, CECO Mefiag has evolved into an international leader in providing world-class filter solutions. Our advanced filtration and pump solutions surpass all others in the metal finishing industries. Our products perform in  the harshest conditions. When the job is hard, Mefiag filters work harder. 

Mefiag products are the most versatile on the market. In addition to filtration systems for electroplating, our pumps and filters are used in a variety of applications worldwide. Mefiag products are relied upon to filter and dispose of unwanted substances. As our expertise has grown, one thing has never changed: we remain steadfast in our commitment to crafting reliable, efficient products. Choose a Mefiag filtration system for your business, and you’ll be choosing peace of mind. 

At Mefiag, we are proud of our story. From our first day and every day since, we are committed to providing outstanding products for outstanding people. If you aim for excellence as we do, then Mefiag products are the ones to trust for reliability and excellence. For the optimum filtration solution, choose Mefiag.


  • Single 6" O.D. cartridge for ease of change out
  • Solid polypropylene construction
  • 27 sq ft of surface area


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Designed for high flows (4600 gph) with small footprint
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Sanitary
  • Plating
  • Anodizing
  • Metal Finishing
  • Labs
  • Small Plating Tanks