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Mesh Pad Mist Eliminators

CECO Filters manufactures and designs Mesh Pad (Demisters) Mist Eliminator products. We have gained a valuable wealth of knowledge and experience over 50 years of operation. Our products are tailored to meet requirements from the design stage to project execution. Our strict quality procedures ensure each mesh pad mist eliminator performs to exact design specifications to give all our customers a guarantee of performance.



  • Guaranteed high performance efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • Practical solution
  • Problem solving results
  • Low cost
  • Tailored to meet client specifications
  • Simplified maintenance


  • In-house knowledge and engineering experience
  • Global facilities for manufacturing
  • Standard configurations
  • Tailored made configurations
  • Optimized solutions
  • High quality manufacturing standards and procedures
  • Expedited services available
  • Manufactured in a variety of corrosion resistant materials (Metals and Plastics)
  • Co-knitted arrangement


  • After-sale support
  • Commissioning services
  • Repair, upgrade and repacking services
  • Technical Consultancy


Mesh Pad Mist Eliminators from CECO Filters

CECO Filters leads the industry in the manufacture and distribution of mist elimination products such as our Mesh Pad Mist Eliminators. Advanced design and engineering techniques allow us to generate new and innovative products for the collection and containment of liquids and particulates in gas streams. CECO Filters builds exceptional systems for companies worldwide to keep their gas streams liquid- and particulate-free.

Experienced teams of engineers design the finest filtration systems for the finest companies, and the job doesn’t stop at engineering. We can provide installation and maintenance service for every filtration system we make, so you can trust your equipment will be working hard from day one.

We recognize the many hazards of uncontained and uncollected liquids and particulates and know that a good filtration system is critical. You can rest easy because CECO Filters is behind you each step of the way. You require a filtration solution to work hard day in and day out. So, if there are any problems, CECO will help fix it. A substantial number of industries rely on CECO Filters to keep their businesses running smoothly; and if you choose CECO, you’ll see why. CECO Filters provides cutting-edge, cost-effective filtration solutions that will give your company peace of mind.