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Proven Experience


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Proven Experience

Performance instability and operational problems in natural gas processing are caused by improperly designed filtration or separation equipment. Just because an application faces unique challenges does not necessarily justify the long lead times and the expense of a customized solution. Purchasing off-the-shelf equipment brings its own set of compromises, such as pipe re-routing or unique foundations, since job sites will need to be configured to match the separator vessel. A more justifiable approach is to collaborate with trusted partners who offer proven configurations that can be crafted to meet exacting performance requirements and allow for a safe, fast and repeatable installation process.

CFD flow patterns at original (high) liquid level indicate scooping action which re-entrains liquids. Red = high velocity and blue = low velocity.

CFD flow patterns at optimized (lower) liquid level indicate improved flow circulation above separated liquid and elimination of re-entrainment. Red = high velocity and blue = low velocity.

CECO Peerless application engineers have the experience to understand today’s natural gas processing and transmission challenges. Our combination of talent and technologies help customers remove the obstacles to achieve specific process, economic, and environmental objectives immediately—and years into the future.

Read more about our proven accomplishments in the field and best practices for optimizing midstream compressor station performance by downloading our whitepaper.


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