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Your partner for equipment and environmental protection

Turbocharge your SCR with Next-Gen Technology — Just Say NOx.

As total system experts, you can see firsthand just how our energy solutions significantly deliver confidence for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient world. Learn how you can join our movement today to stop pollution where it starts, one facility at a time.

Next Generation Emissions Technologies Webinar

Watch our innovative webinar below and learn how next generation emissions technologies can increase plant efficiency and performance by:

  • Reducing parasitic load required for ammonia vaporization by 80%
  • Reducing ammonia consumption by 40%
  • Reducing NOx reduction by greater than 96%
  • Reducing CO destruction by greater than 98%
  • Reducing VOC destruction by 40-50%

To learn more, watch the video and download our whitepaper.

Our Podcast Series – Just Say NOx

Check out our podcast series, Just Say NOX, bringing you insight regarding equipment and environmental protection – from the trenches.

Episode 1: Learn how Rapid Advantage SCR (“RASCR™”) technology can reduce auxiliary load by as much as 80%.

Episode 2: Learn about the important factors to consider when selecting a reagent solution for your DeNOx system.

Episode 3: Learn more about AIG plugging. Ammonia purity and reagent quality are two key factors in avoiding system degradation.




We are your partner for equipment and environmental protection.

CECO Environmental leads a global suite of energy brands that increase plant efficiency. We manufacture an arsenal of technologies to enable equipment and environmental protection.
  • Dampers
  • DeNOx solutions
  • Expansion joints
  • Gas turbine exhaust systems
  • Low-NOx burners (LNB)
  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR systems)
  • Selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR)
  • Separation-filtration technologies