Biofiltration is one of the greenest technologies available, protecting both people and the environment from harmful pollutants, such as corrosive gases and mists, hazardous air pollutants, process odors and more.


HEE-Duall Bio-Pro biofiltration systems, a CECO Environmental brand, is an industry leader in biofiltration systems and upstream equipment including: cyclones, venturi scrubbers, mist eliminators, duct, exhaust fans and hoods.

CECO offers Bio-Reaction Oxidizers (BRI system) that cleanse harmful particles from industrial exhaust streams. We also offer our Bio-Pro system, which handles exhaust air purification. This umbrella of technologies allows us to offer you a wide spectrum of solutions for new and already installed systems.

There are many benefits that set HEE-Duall Bio-Pro apart from the competition and include our green technology, low total cost of ownership, equipment life and efficiency, our preventive maintenance and our replacement media.

Green Technology

Not all air abatement products are created equal. CECO’s biofiltration systems have been developed to minimize the environmental impact associated with emission remediation. Biofiltration systems are Green Technologies with the following key attributes:

Reduced NOx and
CO2 emissions

Eliminated fossil
fuel usage

Optimized water flow rates and low air
flow differential pressure for minimized
energy requirements

Low system maintenance and downtime
to minimize emission diversions

Low Total Cost of Ownership

CECO products and solutions are designed to be earth friendly, while offering a low cost of ownership—from capital expenditures to maintenance costs. CECO prides itself on not only offering earth-friendly products but does it at a cost that fits your budget.

This low cost of ownership stems from numerous factors including equipment life and efficiency, preventative maintenance programs and services like media replacement, among others.

Equipment Life and Efficiency

Working closely with CECO, you can rest assured that your system will be monitored and maintained properly and efficiently, providing cost savings as a result of our comprehensive preventative maintenance packages.

Preventative Maintenance

By choosing to partner with CECO on your preventative maintenance program (ala carte or package), you will find that your equipment life is greatly enhanced. From bi-annual on-site system audits and monthly system reporting with CECO Connect (remote monitoring services) and analytical sampling and system testing, your equipment will be ready for anything.

Reduce unexpected shutdowns caused by equipment breakdowns

Identify the proper time to replace media to extend the life
of your biofilter

Ensure optimal performance, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance through CECO’s engineering consultation services

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Bi-Annual (2x per year)
On-site system audits

  • Field assessment on spray pattern, instrument functioning, etc.
  • Internal biofilter review, including sump evaluation, pH calibration and conductivity probes, among others
  • Coordinated with the monthly down-day
  • Written report with summarized findings



  • Trend data reviewed with recommendations, including pH, sump level, temperature and more
  • Analytical test data, such as nutrient levels and plate counts
  • Notifications and corrective actions where remote monitoring is in place



  • Gateway hardware and configuration
  • Software and account configuration (Data storage, messaging protocol)
  • Unlimited portal access with three (3) account holder service plan
  • Real-time system view, notifications and remote diagnostics



  • Bi-monthly sampling by an independent laboratory
  • CECO-sourced technician to collect and submit samples

Replacement Media Services

CECO Environmental offers biofiltration system audits and replacement media services for any biofilter products, regardless of brand, to extend your biofilter’s life and optimize performance. Rather than purchase a new biofilter system, CECO can remove the old media bed and replace it with a new one designed around your specific requirements, such as flow rate, emission type, permit restrictions and operational considerations, among others.

CECO Environmental is able to provide an entire line up of biofilter media options, including:


Organic Biosphere

PUF Foam


Lava Rock and

Our goal is to get your system operating efficiently and working as originally commissioned with your permitting compliance requirements.

When this is accomplished, you will not have to go through a re-permitting process for changes outside of the original design.

Why Choose CECO?

With more than 40 years of industry experience, CECO HEE-Duall is the total provider of solutions unique to your needs. Whether it is system design, engineering and construction, to installation, maintenance and replacement media; CECO has you covered.

CECO’s line of biofiltration products have been tested under the harshest environments and continue to prove reliable, efficient and truly give customers a low cost of ownership,

stated Dr. James Boswell, one of the original team that developed and patented the basic design in use today. Currently he is a consultant at CECO Environmental.

I’m proud to continue to support CECO in its efforts to help companies achieve cleaner air emissions from their industrial applications—especially in a ‘green’ fashion.

We use a consultative approach to review, design and fabricate equipment tailored to your specific needs, as well as provide installation for start up and commissioning of your equipment. Our solutions extend beyond the product offerings and include:

Parts and Accessories


Repair services





CECO Filters


To learn more about these total solutions to improve the industrial air quality for your business, fill out the form or click the email button below.