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CECO Busch and CECO Metals

Recognized worldwide, we provide innovative control technology for the capture and collection of emissions produced by Steel, Aluminum, and Non-ferrous Rolling Mills and other Metals Industry Processes.


CECO Busch is the Metals Industry specialist within the CECO Environmental Corporation. Recognized worldwide, we provide innovative technology for the capture and collection of emissions produced during the manufacturing of Steel, Aluminum, and Non-ferrous metals.  

In addition, to our expertise in Air Pollution Control described above, CECO Busch also specializes in the following:

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, CECO Busch leverages the full range of CECO Environmental technologies to solve air pollution control and air filtration problems for the metals industry.

We employ an engineering staff experienced in aerodynamic, thermodynamic, mechanical, civil and electrical disciplines. Our personnel are utilized entirely to support our air systems work. Areas of expertise include Rolling Mill Fume Exhaust, in addition to gas adsorption systems, thermal destruction for VOC control, Pickle Line Fume Exhaust, Jet* Star Strip Cooling and Drying, Coil Cooling Systems, Specialized Systems for DC Drive Motor Cooling. 

CECO Busch delivers custom equipment and services to meet your requirements. 

The CECO Busch Advantage

We design and build Air-Handling Equipment and Systems for Filtering, Cooling, Heating, and Capture of Emissions from metals industry applications. CECO Busch is a company that brings 50 years of service history to Steel, Aluminum, Specialty Metals and Industrial customers. 

In addition to a complete line of custom engineered, precision manufactured products, CECO Busch provides a wide range of special services – including field services and engineering studies.

For more information about how CECO Busch will help your business grow with clean, safe and more efficient solutions that help protect our shared environment, email Bill Frank: bfrank@onececo.com or call 724.940.2326.