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Request your free recommended spare parts lists today!

Dust collectors are often out of site and out of mind. Having a list of parts required to repair your equipment when a problem arises enables you to be proactive rather than reactive, increasing valuable up-time and eliminating potential expediting charges. Get ahead of future issues with a complimentary recommended spare parts list.

Flex-Kleen maintains a library of installs dating back to the 1960s. We can pull these files based on your collector’s Flex-Kleen serial (FKO) number and provide a list of the parts provided with your original equipment.

To receive your free spare parts list, please fill out the form below and a member of our sales team will respond immediately.

If you are not interested in a spare parts list at this time, please feel free to download our Dust Collector Maintenance Guide.

Wondering what may be on this list?

Over time, parts wear out, gaskets compress, and your collector starts to have problems. These parts are the common sources:

  • Filters Bags, Cartridges or Pleated Filters
  • Wire Cages for filter bags
  • Diaphragm Valves and their diaphragms
  • Timers, PLCs, or Smart Timers
  • Electrical Enclosures
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Pipe Couplings
  • Door Gaskets
  • Explosion Panels and other explosion protection
  • Fans, Airlocks, and Screw Conveyors

At CECO, it’s our pleasure to create these lists and walk you through the process because our job is to make your job easier.