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Our KB Duct brand is a leading provider of standard, modular ducting systems and other solutions to fit your application needs. We have collected our most frequently asked questions and answers below to provide better service for our customers.

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Q: If all the duct is 5 feet in length, how do you make the variable lengths you will need in the field? 
A: The duct is infinitely adjustable. A full explanation of the complete process is explained in Adjustability.

Q: What tools are needed to install the duct? 
A: Besides the standard tape measure, ladders and any tools that maybe required for attaching hangers, all that is needed is a saw (preferably a reciprocating/saws-all) to cut the duct for fitting to various lengths. But these tools needed by all duct.There is no welding or riveting.

Q: Do I need highly skilled personnel to install the duct? 
A: No. Whether you are installing the duct yourself or installing for a customer, the system is simple enough for anyone to use.

Q: Can I use the duct in combination with other duct or do I have to stick to KB Duct once I start? 
A: Many customers and contractors have decided to use spiral (or flanged) in the larger sizes and/or in the trunk lines but adapt and change to KB duct for the drops and runs under 14″. (The 14″ is dependent upon system and the point at which the spiral or flanged looses it’s efficiency. We are happy to help you make that determination.

Q: Can I buy adapters to use with spiral or flanged in order to clamp it together? 
A: Absolutely. Simply contact us and let us know what you need. Please understand however that our product is clamp together duct and not merely the adapters or clamps.

Q: How resistant to abrasion is the K&B Duct? 
A: Properly sized for volume and velocity, most particulant ‘dust’ will move down the center of the duct. Therefore concern over abrasiveness is largely involving transitions, elbow or fittings where direction of air flow changes. All KB fittings are 18 ga. Elbows vary in gauge but are available in standard configuration up to 14 ga. HOWEVER, the entire system can be provided in very heavy ga. Call for information and pricing.

Q: What if I order the duct and then need another branch or elbow- Am I going to have to wait a week to get the part? 
A: We are very conscious and conscientious about addressing the needs of those who are installing a system. We understand that, as with any duct, one piece can hamper the install. The good news is this. with the adjustable feature of the KB duct, you can usually keep moving. Please call for shipping on parts and delivery. We are told consistently that this is faster and cheaper than the cost incurred by a local fabricator who may have to send a man back to make the part while the rest of the crew waits.

Q: What pressures will the duct with-stand? 
A: The duct will withstand negative pressures in excess of 50 inches negative water pressure. The duct is NOT a high pressure positive duct.

Q: How does the duct work in oil mist? Will it leak? 
A: Very well. The heavy duty gasket in the clamp forms an extremely tight seal. (link to clamp) But there are things you need to consider to guarantee your satisfaction.

Q: Will the duct work on paper trim? 
A: Yes. Paper Trim and other string materials like fabric or textiles are a major users of the duct. However there are things that need to be considered.

Q: What are the advantages of the K&B Duct over conventional duct systems? 
A: Primarily speed and flexibility coupled with the simplicity of the system. Flange and spiral pipe must be cut to exact length and are either bolted, screwed, welded or joined with a coupler. KB Duct DOES NOT require precise fitting, bending or shaping of metal.

Q: I am interested but I don’t know what I need to order? How do I figure out what I need? 
A: Let us do it. Send us what you have- in any form. Because of the adjustability we don’t have to have exact measurements but we can also work with AutoCad drawings. Send it and we will look over it and give you a call if we have questions. We will lay it out, take-off the parts and give you a quote.

Q: How long will it take to get my duct? 
A: Standard parts ship 5-7 days, please call for exact shipping dates and cost.

Q: How do I connect to my collector? 
A: Tell us the dimensions and we will supply an adapter or build a transition.

Q: How do I know where the pieces go? 
A: Usually it is self evident, however, if requested we will send you a sketch or denote on a drawing the sizes and location of the particular fittings. Our customers are always pleased with what they receive.

Q: I have a special machine that will require a complex manifold. Do I have to get someone else to provide that? 
A: Absolutley NOT. We build special parts all the time. Give us what information you can and let us see what we can do. If we have questions we will call you. PS. You’ll find our pricing on these to be very competitive as well.