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KB Duct Fume Arm


KB Duct Fume Arm
KB Duct Fume Arm

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KB Fume Arm

Hanging Fume Arms provide the most economical and effective methods for the capture of fumes. The use of self-supporting joints, flexible hoses, and smooth bore tubing allow for easy placement of the arm's hood near the source of the particulate and smoke.

Each KB Duct brand hanging Fume Arm is constructed to optimize performance, efficiency and operating costs. We have specifically designed the hanging Fume Arm of steel with cast aluminum joints that are fully adjustable to your workers’ desired tension, allowing user-friendly operation and durability even in the most demanding environments.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Economical and effective method of capturing fumes with reliable self-supporting designs
  • User-friendly operation with adjustable joints and easy repositioning near the source of particulates and smoke
  • Low operational costs with long life construction and premium materials



  • External Joints
  • Aluminum hood with diverter
  • Swivel base with safety stop
  • No internal adjustments
  • Low static pressure
  • 2 grab handles
  • Powder coated inside and out