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Jet*Star Strip Cooling

Our Busch brand Jet*Star strip cooling system is the most efficient method for air cooling moving strips in the metals industry. Our patented technology utilizes a unique combination of sophisticated aerodynamic and thermodynamic principles, enabling our systems to cool heavier gauge strip at higher strip speeds, while requiring less energy and space.

With our unique patented technology, our systems are able to cool heavier gauge strip at high speeds, while requiring less energy and saving you valuable floor space.

With Jet*Star technology, we are able to increase efficiency utilizing a unique combination of sophisticated aerodynamic and thermodynamic principles.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Time saving and easy installation with pre-assembled units
  • Maximum efficiency with Jet*Star technology
  • Custom designed to meet your requirements and facility space, including capacity, unit arrangement and dimensions, materials of construction and wiring


  • Applicable to all types of process lines
  • Jet*Star also available in an Air/Water configuration
  • Variable speed drives
  • Alternate paint systems
  • Horizontal or vertical arrangement
  • Support steel and platforms
  • Vaneaxial fans
  • Thermal or sound insulation
  • Filters for outside air
  • Temperature controls
  • Crane for mini-spangle operation
  • Heaters for strip drying applications

Jet*Star Strip Cooling from Busch

For over six decades, our CECO Busch brand has lead the global market in the design and installation of custom, top-of-the-line clean air solutions. In the Primary Metals industry, Busch is the industry standard. Busch’s Jet*Star Strip Cooling systems offers a balance of aerodynamic and thermodynamic engineering to provided superior functionality. Known in the industry for offering the “Best Available Control Technology” to capture, collect, and convey emissions from steel and aluminum rolling mills, our outstanding products and unbeatable customer service set us apart from other brands.

Modernizing your company with advanced systems from Busch will move you forward and meet your requirements for years to come. Busch designs and builds adaptable customized technology for your unique demands. You can count on Busch equipment and purchase it with the knowledge and confidence that it is the most reliable on the market and will fit your needs perfectly.

Busch specializes in fulfilling the demands of the primary metals industry, as well as design and install equipment for chemical, automotive, power generation, and glass industries. Whether you need new air cleaning machinery, heavy-duty ventilation equipment, or high-capacity cooling systems, Busch has you covered. Go with Busch and see why we have been the global leader in air cleaning solutions for over 60 years.

Keep your emissions as clean as your conscience. Choose Busch.