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Jet*Star Coil Cooling

Our Busch brand Jet*Star Coil Cooling system substantially reduces cooling time and store space requirements through the accelerated cooling of metal coils. With improved cooling air distribution and standardized cooling airflow, our Jet*Star patented technology is designed to deliver maximum performance and efficiency.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Maximum efficiency and minimal cooling time
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • High value and long life
  • Reduced inventory of coils
  • No requirement for compressed air


  • Premium quality construction materials
  • Heat transfer coefficient of 40 Btu/hr/ft2/oF
  • Higher more homogenous cooling airflow
  • Stable jet performance
  • Improved cooling air distribution
  • Tested jet nozzle performance


Jet*Star Coil Cooling from Busch

For more than 60 years, the CECO Busch brand has demonstrated its global leadership in innovation, manufacture, and installation of custom, cutting-edge clean air solutions. In the Primary Metals industry, Busch is without equal. Recognized in the industry for offering the “Best Available Control Technology” to capture, collect, and convey emissions from steel and aluminum rolling mills, our products like the Jet*Star Coil Cooling system set us apart from other brands.

Busch offers superior customer service and builds adaptable, customized technology for your unique needs. Update with advanced systems from Busch that meet and exceed your facility requirements for many years to come. You can purchase Busch equipment with complete confidence that it is the most innovative and industry leading in the market today.

Whether you need new air cleaning machinery, heavy-duty ventilation equipment, or high-capacity cooling systems, Busch has you covered. While the Busch brand specializes in the primary metals industry, we also design and install equipment for chemical, automotive, power generation, and glass industries. Go with Busch and see why we have been the global leader in air cleaning solutions for over 60 years.

Keep your emissions as clean as your conscience. Choose Busch.