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Jet* Star Strip Cooling

High Efficiency Cooling of Metal Strip

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jet* star™   

Metal Strip Cooling

The CECO Busch JET* STAR™ Strip Cooling System is the most efficient method to air cool a moving strip in the metals industry. JET* STAR™ technology utilizes a unique combination of aerodynamic and thermodynamic principles. Its patented technology enables cooling of heavier gauge strip at higher strip speeds, while requiring less energy and space than other methods.

Advantages of JET* STAR™ are applicable to all types of process lines:

  • Galvanizing a Pot Cooling
  • Minimizing pre-cooling
  • Anneal and Pickle Air Quench
  • Cooling before rinse tank
  • Silicone Line post furnace cooling
  • Aluminum continuous casters to control cooling rates

The heat transfer efficiency of JET* STAR™ is increased through a substantial reduction of thermal contamination, crossflow, and re-entrainment of spent air. In retrofit applications, this heightened efficiency often permits a reduction in length of the cooling zone, lower strip outlet temperatures, and higher production rates.

Strip Stability 

Another important benefit of the JET* STAR™ System is the reduction of strip instability (flutter). By controlling the lateral forces against the strip through aerodynamic balancing, strip stabilization is controlled and strip flutter problems are eliminated or substantially decreased. Click here to download the Jet Star Cooler brochure.

CECO Busch JET* STAR™ Strip Cooling System

Design and Construction

CECO Metals has developed a proprietary heat transfer simulation model for selection of the proper JET* STAR™ configuration for each application. Capacity, unit arrangement and dimensions, number of nozzles, and material construction are modified to meet individual user specifications. Unit pre-assembly assures simplified installation and proper orientation. The theoretical model has been extensively verified through actual results from numerous successful systems. 

Air-Water cooling systems are also available. Please contact us for more information.

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