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Industrial Cyclones

Industrial Cyclones utilize centrifugal force to capture, recover or remove large and high-volume dust from industrial applications. Our Fisher-Klosterman Emtrol Industrial Cyclones are specifically tailored to meet your application needs. With both standard and complex custom designs, our high efficiency cyclones can be constructed of carbon, stainless or any alloy steel you require.

We take cyclone design very seriously, ensuring that our designs and construction exceed NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) explosion containment or venting standards.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Specifically tailored efficiency to meet your application needs
  • Sophisticated computer modeling allows us to offer guaranteed performance when provided with complete operating information
  • High reliability
  • Long life due to premium quality materials and abrasion resistant linings
  • Maximum performance and efficiency


  • Single or multiple units
  • Standard or complex designs
  • Internal refractory systems for high temperature operation – withstands more than 2,000 degrees F
  • Varied finishes for pharmaceutical or food grade applications
  • Special pharmaceutical or food grade finishes, inside and out
  • Constructed of carbon, stainless, or virtually any alloy steel
  • Heat transfer jacketing
  • ASME pressure vessel design and construction
  • Explosion suppression or venting systems
  • External insulation
  • Abrasion resistant construction or linings
  • Break-apart construction for cleaning purposes


Industrial Cyclones from Fisher-Klosterman

For almost seventy years, CECO’s Fisher-Klosterman has built and supplied custom-made air pollution equipment. Fisher-Klosterman equipment has offered distinctively effective long-term air pollution control and product recovery equipment for a variety of industries where other hardware providers have failed. Utilizing the most advanced design technologies, our products perform at their best even in the most severe conditions, highest temperatures, and most crushing pressures. Fisher-Klosterman builds products that are particularly designed to deal with erosive particles and corrosive gases.

Fisher-Klosterman supplies both high-efficiency and ultra-high efficiency Industrial Cyclone and Venturi scrubbers to clear pollutants from any exhaust stream. Our engineers are certified to evaluate your current pollution management equipment, and offer technical support, even if you purchased equipment from another company.

Our reputation as a leader in the industry for many decades was established by the level of our service and quality workmanship. That commitment continues today as we dedicate ourselves to giving you excellent customer service from start to finish. When it has to work without flaws and without fail, it has to be Fisher-Klosterman.