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Guillotine Slide Gate Dampers

The Effox-Flextor brand Guillotine Slide Gate Damper is a heavy-duty design used when tight shut-off is required to isolate specific portions of a flue gas system. Our custom designs are proven reliable in some of the most demanding environments such as gas turbine outlets, high dust loading cement plants, high corrosion in coal-fired power plants, and power boiler isolation.

Our slide gate dampers are constructed of carefully selected materials to meet your application needs to provide maximum reliability, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and metal fatigue.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Premium quality construction materials for severe environment conditions and a long service life
  • Superior reliability and low overall cost with our Rack & Pinion design
  • High efficiency with tight shut-off as much as 99.9% of flow without the use of seal air fans
  • Easy maintenance and minimal field assembly with pre-assembled components
  • Optimum performance with our zero-leakage designs that have been hydro tested as high as 3 PSI and hydro tested at 60 PSI for structural integrity



  • 300% safety factor on drive sizing
  • 200% safety factor on seal air volume at minimum of +3 inches of water gauge above system pressure
  • Maximum 60% yield stress on all components


Guillotine Slide Dampers from Effox-Flextor

Effox-Flextor has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, versatile fuel combustion and exhaust equipment for more than 50 years. Your equipment needs to stand up to the extreme temperatures and harsh forces involved in solid fuel combustion. It has to be safe, tough, and dependable. Facilities around the globe use Effox-Flextor Guillotine Slide Gate Dampers curb greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants that are harmful to the air and our health. We take pride in our contribution to air quality.

Our commitment to protecting the environment is consistent with our commitment to excellence. If you and your business are trying to control emissions, you can count on us to share your commitment. From inception to execution, we manufacture and install equipment that is unmatched in excellence and reliability and will consistently comply with any of the strictest regulations. If you require a custom, specifically designed emission solution, we are here to help. We employ some of the most talented engineers in the world, and they can find the perfect system for your company. When you choose Effox-Flextor, you are choosing a product for life.