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Gas Filters

Each CECO Peerless brand industrial Gas Filter is designed for high efficiency and economical removal of dust, dirt, scale, rust and other solid foreign particles from different types of gas streams. With custom designs in both vertical and horizontal configurations, our filters are manufactured with premium quality materials ensuring a long life system and low overall costs.

With our state-of-the-art testing and optional features for multi-media filtration and flexible configurations, we confidently ensure our customers receive the solutions that best fit their needs to maximize operational processes while meeting the most stringent of requirements.



  • Guaranteed efficiency
  • Easy maintenance with minimal effort replacement filter cartridges
  • Premium quality material construction for a long life system


Peerless Gas Filters

CECO Peerless, a frontrunner in the design and installation of high-quality separation and filtration equipment, proudly crafts top-of-the-line products for multiple industries around the globe. Our team of engineers has continuously developed Peerless filtration equipment over a nearly 85-year history.

Peerless provides the trustworthy, superior craftsmanship customers expect from our products. Our efficient industrial Gas Filters are designed to remove foreign particles from gas streams. Other Peerless solutions include separation technologies, oil treatment, unconventional oil recovery, gas transmission, gas treatment, sand management, produced water and oil-water treatment, and nuclear power separators. 

Don’t be left with contaminated product, higher operating costs, and extra downtime due to inferior filtration products. Filtration systems that don’t do the job will leave you with a mountain of problems to dig through. Trust your filtration and separation needs to Peerless, and you won’t need the shovel. Rely on the brand that has been creating and installing high-quality equipment for decades. Trust Peerless. We live up to our name.