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Rolling Mill Fume Exhaust Systems

Rolling Mill Fume Exhaust Systems

Our custom Busch brand fume exhaust systems for aluminum and steel rolling mills reflect best practices in rolling mill fume and emission control. We are recognized worldwide in the metals industry for providing the “Best Available Control Technology” to capture, convey, and collect emissions from steel and aluminum rolling mills:

  • Rolling mill fume exhaust
  • Pickle line fume exhaust
  • Fume exhaust for process lines

We apply our decades of experience to optimize efficiency, performance, operating costs and maintenance, while meeting strict environmental requirements worldwide.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – Minimized operating costs with our cost-effective Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) AND high destruction efficiency of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
  • Reduced exhaust volume with our efficient hood designs, which decrease the size and cost of your fume system
  • Maximum productivity due to shortened mill down time
  • Protection for your facilities and employee vehicles with our standard Stack Skimmer


Fume Exhaust Systems from Busch

The CECO Busch brand continues to build upon its position as the global leader for over 60 years in custom top-of-the-line clean air solutions design and installation. Busch is unrivaled in the Primary Metals industry. Our fume exhaust systems are just one example of our products and customer service that set us apart from other brands.

Targeted to your unique needs, Busch offers adaptable, customized technology with advanced systems that address your company’s requirements for many years to come. Your purchase of Busch equipment can be made with the ultimate confidence and knowledge that it is the most innovative on the market and will perfectly fit your situation.

While specializing in the primary metals industry, Busch brings their expertise and experience in designing and installing equipment for chemical, automotive, power generation, and glass industries. When you need new air cleaning machinery, heavy-duty ventilation equipment, or high-capacity cooling systems, Busch will answer the call. Go with Busch and see why we have been the global leader in air cleaning solutions for over 60 years.

Keep your emissions as clean as your conscience. Choose Busch.