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Explosion Isolation Valve | Backdraft


Explosion Isolation Valve | Backdraft
Explosion Isolation Valve | Backdraft

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Explosion Isolation Valve

The Explosion Isolation Valve is designed to protect your facilities and employees by preventing an explosive force from within a baghouse or filtration system from moving past the valve. Without an isolation valve, if a fire or explosion takes place, burning fuel and explosive force rapidly expands and can enter the building through the suction side duct system, causing severe injury and damage to property.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High reliability – Our Explosion Isolation Valves are quality tested, ATEX certified, and NFPA 69-2014 (National Fire Protection Association) compliant
  • Maximum protection to protect your workers and facilities
  • Superior heavy duty welded steel construction



  • Options – Micro-switch shut down system, dust level sensor, and control panel for sensor power and integration
  • Fast-acting flap valve and locking mechanism
  • Superior heavy duty welded steel construction