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A Company With A Purpose

Todd Gleason
President and CEO, CECO Environmental



Come with us on this Journey.


There is no question on the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) to our success and to all of our stakeholders.

CECO is leaning into our commitment to providing a leadership voice and specific targets around Social and Governance (ESG). We are proud of the many solutions CECO provides that enable our customers to meet or-exceed regulatory or self-appointed environmental targets. Internally, we have a commitment to ensure we reduce the footprint we have on the environment. In the coming year, we are taking appropriate actions to improve disclosure and then target improvement.

With respect to Social and Governance, CECO has long been committed to an environment that incorporates diversity, advancing talent and development, and strong processes around controls and transparency. We have zero tolerance for discrimination, unfair business practices or shortcuts that have no place in the workplace. Our newly revamped Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is comprehensive, and our employees are regularly trained on best practices with respect to business ethics and conduct.

These are just some of the many areas we will highlight in our ESG Report. We currently have a talented team of cross-functional leaders working to report on our progress in this upcoming inaugural report.


ESG Report To Be Published Soon