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Electrostatic Coalescer

CECO Peerless Desalters/Dehydrators are designed to meet the desired performance requirement in crude oil processing units or refineries. These units can meet performance guarantee’s of 0.1% to 0.5% BS&W and salt guarantee of 5 to 10 PTB. Depending on the process requirement, Peerless can offer Electrostatic Coalescer units in various configuration including two-grid or three-grid design, using single or multiple power units.



  • 20+ years field performance
  • Compact Foot Print
  • Simple and Robust Design
  • Meet Stringent Performance Guarantee
  • Designed to Handle High Water Cut
  • Modular Solution for Offshore and FPSO


Peerless Electrostatic Coalescer

CECO Peerless leads the industry in the design and installation of efficient, high-quality separation and filtration equipment.  We proudly deliver top-of-the-line equipment to industries around the globe. Peerless filtration equipment has been used by oil and gas production, gas pipeline transportation, and power generating industries over a nearly 85-year history.

From blueprint to installation, Peerless filtration technology is worry-free, providing the superior craftsmanship customers expect from our products.  Electrostatic Coalescer dehydrator/desalter units use a system proven to be effective will reducing costs. Peerless supplies solutions for separation technologies, gas transmission, oil treatment, unconventional oil recovery, gas treatment, produced water and oil-water treatment, sand management, and nuclear power separators. 

When it comes to filtration, inferior equipment can be costly. A filtration system that fails can negatively impact your profits – and your reputation. Trust your filtration and separation needs to Peerless. Build on the brand with a solid history of providing high-quality equipment. Trust Peerless. We live up to our name.