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Elbows (Gored): Segmented

KB Duct Gored/Segmented Elbows are available in galvanized, stainless 304 & 316, and carbon steel. Starting at 7˝diameter, the gores (segments) are cut and formed, so the ends of the gores are locked together. The number of gores varies with the size and angle of the elbow. While 1.5 and 2.5 centerline radii are available as standard, they can be made in ANY angle desired.

The KB rolled lip collar is spot welded and caulked and adds 2” to the length of the elbow. However, please remember the collar is sized to receive a cut piece of pipe, which provides infinite adjustability.

In the event heavy gauges are needed (greater than 18ga) the gores are butt welded. This elbow can be used for paper trim and fiber applications with tag-free buffing available as an option.


  • Gored/segmented elbows are a good all-around elbow, providing smooth interior and with heavy duty construction and custom bends available
  • High reliability with custom manufactured designs to fit your application needs


  • Material integrity – Premium quality materials for even the most abrasive applications
  • Gored elbows are available in any degree and any radius

KB Duct Elbows (Gored): Segmented

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