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Elbow: Stitch Welded Halves

Pressed Stitch Welded Halves Elbows are good for most light particulate or air, only, exhaust applications.

Available in galvanized only. Stitch Welded Halves Elbows are constructed of stamped halves that are welded with a continuous “stitch” weld on the inside and outside radius. The weld is accomplished by using an inner and outer welding wheel to complete the continuous stitch welds. The KB Duct rolled lip collar is spot welded to the elbow and a beader forms the metal, so the ends of the metal are out of the air stream.


  • Good, light gauge, low cost elbow for wood dust, welding fume, some chemical, and air only exhaust applications


  • 3″ to 6″ available in short (1.0) centerline radius – 22 gauge
  • 3” to 10” and 12” available in standard (1.5) centerline radius – 22 gauge
  • Available in 90°, 60°, 45° & 30°

KB Duct Elbow: Stitch Welded Halves

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