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Dust Collection Systems

Delivering Solutions for Metals Industry Applications

ceco busch and CECO Metals

ceco busch dust collection systems

Comprehensive System for the Metals Industry

CECO Busch provides a wide range of dust collection systems for Metal Industry applications.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Melt shop fugitive dust control
  • Torch cut off fume control
  • AOD vessel fume exhaust
  • Billet grinding fume collection
  • Plate grinding and polishing
  • Lead Industry dust and fume control

We offer the following system features:

  • Pulse Jet Bag and Cartridge style collectors
  • A wide variety of materials of construction
  • Specialized hood designs
  • Slotted header travel duct and telescopic duct systems
  • HEPA after filters
  • PLC control systems

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For more information about how CECO Metals will help your business grow with clean, safe and more efficient solutions that help protect our shared environment, email Bill Frank: bfrank@onececo.com or call 724.940.2326.