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KB Duct brand Cut-Offs are an essential part of any industrial duct or dust collection system. Cut-Offs are used primarily to cut off air supply to areas when dust collection/venting is not needed. This can improve performance in other areas or simply limit the size of the needed dust collector. It is difficult to design a “balanced” system without incorporating cutoffs as the dynamics of the system are changing. Each aluminum cast housing KB Duct brand Cut-Off (full or half gate) is manufactured for performance.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Low operational costs
  • High quality materials



  • The standard FULL Cut-Off is an aluminum cast housing to which collars have been screwed. The screw is then ground off on the inside to keep it out of the air stream.
  • The HALF GATE is simply the housing and gate with no collars. It is attached to existing duct by cutting a slit and sliding the gate over the duct. It can be attached to existing duct with screws.


KB Duct Cut-Offs

KB Duct creates quality ducting systems with options available for a variety of situations, providing unmatched flexibility and attention to detail. We offer unique development for special products. If you can draw it, we can make it! Our free 3D design service will transform your rough concept into a fully developed, viewable duct solution that we create and deliver to your door. We proudly offer the fastest delivery in the industry. When you need the right product right now, turn to KB Duct. 

KB Duct puts as much care and passion into making the right equipment for you as you put into your company.  We supply the largest selection of ducting components and application-specific duct solutions for air and dust handling on any scale. Wherever your location, we can build it, deliver it, and install it for you. Our dedication doesn’t end at production. If you encounter any problems after installation, KB Duct will be there to handle them and put your mind at ease. We are equally committed to our products and to the people that use them. Trust KB Duct.