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KB Duct brand Cut-Offs are an essential part of any industrial duct or dust collection system. Cut-Offs are used primarily to cut off air supply to areas when dust collection/venting is not needed. This can improve performance in other areas or simply limit the size of the needed dust collector. It is difficult to design a “balanced” system without incorporating cutoffs as the dynamics of the system are changing. Each aluminum cast housing KB Duct brand Cut-Off (full or half gate) is manufactured for performance.



  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Low operational costs
  • High quality materials



  • The standard FULL Cut-Off is an aluminum cast housing to which collars have been screwed. The screw is then ground off on the inside to keep it out of the air stream.
  • The HALF GATE is simply the housing and gate with no collars. It is attached to existing duct by cutting a slit and sliding the gate over the duct. It can be attached to existing duct with screws.