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CECO Presents Unique Approach to Improving Efficiency and Extending Equipment Life

Demand Increases for Technology-based Solutions to Address the Toughest Operational and Regulatory Challenges

CECO Environmental'sCECO Environmental Presents at User's Conference Vaughn Watson recently presented at 501F User's Conference about improving efficiency and extending the life of power plant equipment for SIEMENS 501F gas-fired combined cycle plants.

The presentation focused on opportunities for combined cycle plants to reduce costs and improve performance such as:
     •  Improving ammonia distribution
     •  Extending the life of catalyst
     •  Handling increased flow rates
     •  Reducing chemical use and cost
     •  Avoiding common issues such as corrosion and line plugging

CECO has seen an uptick in demand for selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system retrofits and upgrade projects as the power industry seeks to reduce the costs and risk associated with key components within combined cycle power plant operations.

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