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Telford, PA, USA
Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions
700 Emlen Way
Telford, PA 18969

Phone: 215-723-8155
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CECO Global Pump Solutions, which also does business as Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions, was acquired by CECO Environmental in 2013. The group combines the resources of our three internationally-recognized, comprehensive lines of high-quality centrifugal pump brands:

Our DeanFybroc, and Sethco pumps are designed to handle the niches of corrosive, abrasive, or high temperature liquids. These pumps provide excellent performance for tough applications including pumping of acids, brines, caustics, bleaches, seawater, high temperature liquids and a wide variety of waste liquids for a broad range of applications including the chemical, petrochemical, metal finishing, wastewater treatment, desalination and aquarium/aquaculture markets.

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