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Sulfonation Application

CECO Filters has been a leader and pioneer in developing and innovating Mist Elimination Technology for the Detergent Sulfonation Industries. We have actively developed and enhanced our technology to meet the requirements of the ever-changing Sulfonation Industry over the years. Our range of expertise provide assistance in before and after Sulfonation reactors where mist generations have a critical impact on operations. Our experience and reputation in the Industry provides our customers with a comprehensive mist elimination solution to boost process operations. We offer and execute functional and long-lasting filtration solutions to customers worldwide.  


  • Guaranteed high performance droplet removal efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • Tailored to meet client specifications 
  • Problem solving results
  • Low cost solutions 
  • Simplified maintenance 
  • Long filter life – Reduced operating costs and downtime 


  • In-house knowledge and engineering experience
  • ‘Turnkey’ mist elimination systems and solutions
  • Global facilities for manufacturing
  • Optimized solutions to meet requirements
  • Standard and custom-designed configurations
  • High quality manufacturing standards and procedures
  • Expedited services available
  • Manufactured in a variety of corrosion resistant materials (Metals and Plastics)


  • After-sale support
  • Commissioning services
  • Repair, upgrade and repacking services
  • Technical Consultancy


Sulfonation Filters from CECO

For almost fifty years, CECO Filters has been at the forefront of the industry in designing, manufacturing, and distributing mist elimination products such as those used in the detergent sulfonation industry. At CECO, advanced design and engineering techniques help pioneer innovation in the containment and collection of liquids and particulates in gas streams. CECO Filters builds the finest filtration solutions on the market, and they are used worldwide to keep gas streams particulate and liquid free.

Our expert engineers create cutting-edge filtration solutions for the largest companies in the world. But our commitment to our clients goes far beyond the engineering stage. We install and maintain every filtration system we design and build, so you can be confident that your equipment will work flawlessly from day one.

A good filtration system is critically important. Uncontained and uncollected liquids and particles present hazards that are well documented. However, you can rest easy knowing that CECO Filters is by your side each step of the way. You need a filtration system that works hard for you day in and day out; and if there’s a problem, our crew will be there for you. We offer top-of-the-line, cost-effective filtration solutions that will give your company the edge. With CECO Filters, you will see why so many industries rely on us to keep them running smoothly.